General Information

Entry is FREE but hopefully your family and friends will support you by sponsoring you or making a donation via the website.

REMEMBER funds raised will help provide TEEN Mental Health First Aid to EVERY secondary school student in the Bayside area

You must pre-register for this event

Awards will be given in the following divisions:

  • Single Paddler (1 person)
  • Parent and Child Team (2 people)
  • Organisation Team (2 - 6 people)
  • Scouts Team ( 2 - 6 people)
  • School Team ( 2 - 6 people)

Participants are encouraged to “theme” their boats, and dress accordingly.

Winners in each division will be determined by the fastest time to complete the course and for those boat that do not complete the course, the farthest distance travelled.

Paddlers will need to check in their boat at the event by 12:30 pm. There will be a Captain's briefing at 1:30pm with races to follow soon thereafter. Refer to the event program on the day for specific times of the races. The event is expected to be completed by 5 pm where prizes will be awarded at the stand in the assembly area.

There will be an assembly area at the start of the course for each team to have their boat checked by the scrutineers (for adherence to the rules) prior to running in the event.

All paddlers must have a reasonable level of swimming ability and must wear lifejackets throughout the races.

Enclosed shoes must be worn by participants at all times. So find some old shoes,wetsuit booties, or similar for the event.

Lifejackets and paddles will be generously provided by the 1st/14th Brighton Sea Scouts and will be available at the assembly area adjacent the beach. Lifejackets must be worn at all times while on the course.

The course commences with the paddlers launching their own boat from the beach (you can use other volunteers to assist your launch) and once in the water follow the buoys alongside the pier to the turnaround point where the paddlers will head back to the beach and finish line.

You must remove your boat from the water right after the race and place it in the recycling bins which will be provided at the event.