Recycle Regatta


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WHAT is the Recycle Regatta?

This event centres around a boat race that challenges individuals and teams to construct boats using recyclable materials -cardboard, recyclable plastic bottles etc.

Race participants will need to get into their homemade boats and paddle across the Royal Brighton Yacht Club harbour on the day of the event.

Prizes totalling $1500 will be awarded in different categories.

Community members are invited to attend as boat-builders or spectators.

WHY participate?

The Recycle Regatta is a fun and creative activity to support our charities whether you’re a master boat builder or prefer to stay on land. The Recycle Regatta is meant to inspire boat teams to work together, employing creativity and ingenuity, to get their boat to cross the finish line, and land lovers will be able to cheer on their favourite boat from the shore.

The event is truly meant to bring us all together around a common cause and participating in the day is sure to leave you feeling inspired.

What better way to end the summer!

WHERE will the Recycle Regatta take place?

The sheltered waters between the Royal Brighton Yacht Club and the Middle Brighton Pier



Principal Sponsor

Our Partners

If your company is interested in sponsoring the event please notify us via the "Contact Us" tab.

The Recycle Regatta is working towards improving the lives of our young people

We have a BIG GOAL!

Provide TEEN Mental Health First Aid to EVERY secondary school student in the Bayside area

Registrations close Sunday 19 March 12.30pm